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Our History

In 1984, company founder Edward C. Bickmore, Jr. opened a small consulting business to address the public entity insurance crisis that crippled California in the late 1970s and early ‘80s.

In 1986 Bickmore managed its first joint powers authorities with the goal of developing a full-service risk management team to help public entities reduce their administrative burden and cost of risk.

In 2011, Bickmore acquired Rick E. Sherman and Associates, an actuarial consulting firm based in Medford, Oregon. This group added three additional actuaries and an administrative assistant to the quickly growing actuarial practice.

Until 2014, Bickmore remained focused on building unique and lasting relationships with both public and private sector clients, and delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions for all areas of risk – workers’ compensation, liability, property, and health benefits.

In May 2014, Bickmore was acquired by York Risk Services. The three principal areas of expertise – pooling, actuarial services, and risk management consulting – continued to flourish under the Bickmore name.

In April 2019, the actuarial division of Bickmore was split off from York Risk Services to become a completely separate company called Prime Actuarial Consulting, LLC. This new company is owned and operated by the three principal actuaries, Mike Harrington, Mark Priven, and Nina Gau. They continue to operate under the Bickmore brand using the trade name of Bickmore Actuarial. All actuarial staff and clients transferred over to the new entity and the company continues to provide the exceptional service clients have come to expect.


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